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v1.4 Released!

A little housecleaning at this point. v1.4 was released about 3 months ago. I’ll try and regurgitate everything I can remember while looking through my commit log.

  • Major overhaul of widget creation. No more eval() ! 😀
    • This was a big one for me personally as I really wanted to figure it out! Shoutout to the folks over at Modern Tribe for writing a plugin 3 years ago that used some similar concepts. That said, if you’re using the Widget Builder plugin (where I found the code necessary to make this happen) there will be a conflict and ACFW will probably not work correctly. Tweet me if you want more details.
  • Fixed fatal PHP error for logged in subscribers.
  • Admin menu items only show for admins.
  • Widget Title Filter Added. Use the traditional “Title” field for your widgets.
  • Fixed error when value is missing from DB related to expiration notices.

As always, if you’re having some trouble, feel free to ask questions on the support forum and I’ll try to help as much as I can! I even take feature requests! 🙂