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    Same for me…

    This happens since ACF Version 5.6.6 because ACF changed the DOM and the <p class="acfw-no-acf"> is no longer a sibling of the "div[id*='_acf_widget_'] .acf-field" as it would be searched in the acf-widgets.js

    If you change the acf-widgets.js to this, it works on ACF 5.6.6 and newer as well:

    function acfw(){
      var el = jQuery("div[id*='_acf_widget_'] .acf-field");
      var num = 0;
      num = el.length;
      if ( num > 0 ){
        var remove = el.closest('.widget-content').children('.acfw-no-acf');
        remove.attr('data-display', 'none');
    function acfw_remove_fields(){ 
      jQuery('.widget .acf-field').remove(); 
    jQuery(document).ready( acfw );
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)