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    Johannes Tiner

    Quick respond, me like 🙂

    I found your YT video when googeling after i found out that ACF pro could add fields in widgets wich i didn’t know 😛

    When using it as a plugin it works except for it is outputting a string’URL_TO_WIDGET-FILE.PHP’.. not sure im doing something wrong, don’t think i am tho.

    Anyway, still can’t get this to work haha, i feel so dumb 😛

    if i understand this correctly you are creating your widget in this code instead of doing it in the UI :

    add_filter('acfw_include_widgets', 'add_include_widgets');
    function add_include_widgets(){
    	$acfw_widgets = array(
    			'title' => 'Test Widget 1',
    			'description' => 'A widget test from functions.php',
    			'slug' => 'test-widget',
    			'id' => 'Test_Widget',
    			'title' => 'Test Widget 2',
    			'description' => 'A second widget test from functions.php',
    			'slug' => 'test-widget-2',
    			'id' => 'Test_Widget2',
    	return $acfw_widgets;

    do i need to change anything else?

    And then i have this code to guide wp to the correct folder:

    include_once( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/acfw/acf-widgets.php' ); 
    // Enable include mode 
    add_filter('acfw_include', '__return_true');
    // Filter for ACFW include directory. Reletive to the theme root. Necessary for include mode.
    add_filter('acfw_dir', 'acfw_directory');
    function acfw_directory( $dir ){
    	// default value is /acf-widgets/
    	return '/acfw/';
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)