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    Elliot Taylor

    Hi – I need to display a full width area on the page. Currently the widget is being wrapped with <section> and <aside>

    Is there a way to disable this


    Daron Spence

    Hey Elliot!

    Your theme is responsible for wrapping elements in accordance to how the sidebar is output on the page. Just to be sure, I searched through all the code for ACFW and didn’t find a single <section> or <aside> element.

    That said, you should be able to use CSS to achieve some sort of full width for your widgets. If you can’t use the general width: 100% idea, I would look into using negative margins and positive padding. CSS-Tricks has a good article if the full width is being used to set a background that spans the width of the screen. https://css-tricks.com/full-browser-width-bars/

    I would recommend reaching out to whoever made your theme and working with them to find out how to get your ideas into the browser! 🙂

    Thanks for supporting the plugin!

    Daron Spence

    Closing this thread.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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