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Not Working In SiteOrigin Page Builder

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    Dallas Bass


    I just purchased your plugin and it does work great. The only problem is that is it is not working in the SiteOrigin Page Builder. I keep receiving the error, “You have not added any fields to this widget yet. Add some now!”. Everything is set up correctly because adding a widget to the sidebar works just fine.

    Any thoughts?

    Daron Spence

    Hey Dallas. Glad to hear you like the plugin!

    Unfortunately, I think this is probably an issue with the foundation ACFW is built on.

    ACF actually runs all of the code to get the fields into the widget (disable ACFW and look at the widget admin page). ACFW acts as a proxy for displaying that data in theme templates. I think you’re seeing this problem because ACF doesn’t know to insert those widget fields into other pages that are not the Widgets admin page or the Customizer (which has limited support anyway).

    I can look into manually firing the ACF hooks, but it might have unintended consequences. Unfortunately, it seems that ACF (and subsequently ACFW) does not play too well with page builders, so I wouldn’t hold my breath too much.

    Also, I’m moving to Dallas (ha!) this next coming weekend so I’m super busy packing for the cross country move. I won’t have time to dedicate to this issue until after the move (after May 21).

    Daron Spence

    Hey Dallas, I looked into this some more and it seems like this a feature that would be too costly for me to maintain moving forward. Page builders by their very nature kind of break the WordPress mold and do things a little unorthodoxly (which 9/10 is fine!). This is one of those cases where it doesn’t make sense for me to write the support to bridge the gap between ACF and the SiteOrigin page builder.

    Widgets are also in a weird transition right now where they are being used in all sorts of places and core has not defined how to use them universally across front/back ends. I’d also be put into a position to start trying to actively support other page builders (with which there are many) who all do things differently. Ie. Beaver Builder is 100% front end, while SiteOrigin is a hybrid. Creating a consistent experience across platforms isn’t feasible in this stage of ACFW’s life. If you get 100 people to buy the lifetime license we can talk more though 😉

    Let me know if I can help you with anything else Dallas.

    I appreciate your support for ACFW in the interim.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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