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    Chrisko Otorongo

    I get an error when I try to click on Add Custom Fields button…INVALID POST TYPE
    And when I look in the ACF panel Field Groups, there is no reference to WIDGET in the Location / Rules

    Daron Spence

    Canyou explain your issue a little more thoroughly? I’m having a hard time understanding exactly where you’re having problems. Screenshots with URLs and error messages would probably be the best place to start.

    Sorry you’re having issues! I’ve never seen these so hopefully we can figure it out!

    What version of ACF & ACFW are you using?

    – Daron

    Chrisko Otorongo

    Hi there, I have attached the screenshots in succession of the problem…
    I create a new Widget
    I try to ADD SOME NOW – I press that and I get INVALID POST TYPE.
    I look in the Location – Rules – and nothing exists there for WIDGET.


    Cheers 🙂

    Daron Spence

    Hmm it appears to me that you aren’t using ACF v5 (currently only available in the pro version).

    Please confirm if that is correct. If it is I would be more than happy to refund your purchase if you would like.

    Chrisko Otorongo

    No worries
    I didn’t realize I needed v5, i got acf included in a theme….

    In any case I shall upgrade and hopefully achieve the outcome I desire!

    Stupid question time…
    Im using Atlas Directory theme from Themeforest.
    I want each listing to have its own PDF download in the widget area.
    Is that possible with your plugin do you think?


    Daron Spence

    Technically, anything is possible. However, if you are not a developer you may have some issues with accomplishing that goal specifically.

    ACF Widgets is an plugin meant to aid amatuer/pro developers in creating widgets by exposing ACF content in a convenient way through template files and a GUI.

    Chrisko Otorongo

    Would you be interested in a little paid work helping me as i am a bit of a dunce when it comes to this level of development…..

    Daron Spence

    Sure. Shoot me a message through the contact form on this site and we’ll talk privately. I’m marking this thread as closed.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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