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Check us out on GitHub

ACF Widgets is now on GitHub! If you want to submit issues or bugs, feel free! Pull requests are also welcome if you so desire. (Though why are you paying me?!)

I will make a small note here, just to err on the side of caution. ACFW is not free. Yes, it is entirely GPL and you can modify, change, distribute, etc the source as much as you want. However, if you use the plugin, I would really appreciate it if you bought a license. One of the best reasons being, you get automatic updates, right from your WordPress dashboard. And with new versions coming out consistently, who wants to have to manage that themselves?! Finally, your continued support makes it possible to continue providing a quality product that works as advertised. If Elliot over at Advanced Custom Fields decides to rewrite his whole plugin overnight, you expect ACFW to stay up to date as well.

Thanks again for all the continued support everyone! Be on the lookout for v1.3 coming very soon!