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v1.6 Released!

This one has been a long time coming!

Over the past few months, I’ve been really swamped at my day job which led to less time available to work on side projects. I also got married at the end of the summer, which as some of you know, also takes a significant chunk out of your day!

Since the support requests had died down, I figured development could take a short break! Now I’m back though!

Version 1.6 brings a some stability and usability improvements to ACFW, mainly in the form of code organization and and license management. Some large HTML blocks have been extracted and moved to a views folder, cutting down on code repetition as well. When you activate a license and your account runs out of activations, you’ll get a handy notice letting you know you need to upgrade or deactivate some licenses on your other sites. Your license key is also obfuscated upon activation (though it’s still there).

Check out the changelog in your admin dashboard for the full list, though I think that covers it! I did notice one small bug regarding the updater, so be on the lookout for that bugfix release in the next day or two.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄

v1.4 Released!

A little housecleaning at this point. v1.4 was released about 3 months ago. I’ll try and regurgitate everything I can remember while looking through my commit log.

  • Major overhaul of widget creation. No more eval() ! 😀
    • This was a big one for me personally as I really wanted to figure it out! Shoutout to the folks over at Modern Tribe for writing a plugin 3 years ago that used some similar concepts. That said, if you’re using the Widget Builder plugin (where I found the code necessary to make this happen) there will be a conflict and ACFW will probably not work correctly. Tweet me if you want more details.
  • Fixed fatal PHP error for logged in subscribers.
  • Admin menu items only show for admins.
  • Widget Title Filter Added. Use the traditional “Title” field for your widgets.
  • Fixed error when value is missing from DB related to expiration notices.

As always, if you’re having some trouble, feel free to ask questions on the support forum and I’ll try to help as much as I can! I even take feature requests! 🙂

v1.3 Update

It’s here! A long awaited release. Version 1.3 of ACFW brings some cool features to the table as well as some compatibility fixes.

First of all, ACFW will still partially work if ACF is not installed. You will still have access to the “Add new widgets” page and you can place the newly created widgets.

Filters have been put in place for a LITE mode and INCLUDE mode. You can find more information in the documentation section. You can also add widgets from code. Useful if you are including ACFW in a theme directly.

Check us out on GitHub

ACF Widgets is now on GitHub! If you want to submit issues or bugs, feel free! Pull requests are also welcome if you so desire. (Though why are you paying me?!)

I will make a small note here, just to err on the side of caution. ACFW is not free. Yes, it is entirely GPL and you can modify, change, distribute, etc the source as much as you want. However, if you use the plugin, I would really appreciate it if you bought a license. One of the best reasons being, you get automatic updates, right from your WordPress dashboard. And with new versions coming out consistently, who wants to have to manage that themselves?! Finally, your continued support makes it possible to continue providing a quality product that works as advertised. If Elliot over at Advanced Custom Fields decides to rewrite his whole plugin overnight, you expect ACFW to stay up to date as well.

Thanks again for all the continued support everyone! Be on the lookout for v1.3 coming very soon!

v1.2 Update

Hello everyone! If anyone is keeping track of these things, I recently released ACFW v1.2. This version brings a lot of performance improvements to the software. Please update as soon as possible to take advantage of these improvements.

To move the conversation to the future, v1.3 will bring even more performance improvements as well as an API for creating widgets through a more simplified code interface. I’m also working on a feature similar to “Client Mode” that exists in ACF. This will allow you to hide the ACFW specific pages that exist in the WordPress admin area.

Exciting things are coming in the future! Be on the lookout! If you have any feature requests, check out the feature’s forum and create a topic!